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    2018-04-11高二英语作文:如何对待演讲 How to Treat Speech

    高二英语作文:如何对待演讲 How to Treat SpeechPeople always want to learn from successful people and want to be one... [查看全文]

    2018-04-10高二英语作文:二胎 The Second Child

    高二英语作文:二胎 The Second ChildIn the last century, government carried out the policy of Family Plan, which hel... [查看全文]

    2018-04-10高二英语作文:还没到放弃的时候 It Is Not the Time to Give Up

    高二英语作文:还没到放弃的时候 It Is Not the Time to Give UpTennis is more and more popular in China, and many te... [查看全文]


    ?  Sports Meeting 运动会  When autumn comes, I feel so excited, because the sports meeting comes. I like spor... [查看全文]

    2015-12-22高二英语作文:用餐氛围 (双语)

      I am the only child in my family, my parents give me all the things I want and I don&rsquo;t feel like m... [查看全文]


      快递的优势 The Advantages of Express Deliver  As the development of computer, people count on computer so muc... [查看全文]


      导语:本篇作文讨论的是两种工作方式,很大因素跟个人性格有关,其实独立完成和合作完成各有特点,自?#21644;?#25104;可以锻炼一个人问题的解决能... [查看全文]


      As a student, I can learn a lot of knowledge from the books, books tell me all kinds of things, I am so... [查看全文]

    2015-08-28高二英语作文 吸烟有害健康

    A survey about smokers in a middle school tells that although 90% of all students never smoke, 3% of them ofte... [查看全文]

    2015-08-28高二英语作文 低碳生活

    Each and every one of us is responsible for the greenhouse gases we emit in our daily actions and choices. The... [查看全文]